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Frequently asked questions

what is the cost?


Our session fees are determined by the recommended fee schedule set forth by the Psychologists' Association of Alberta. The current recommended rate is $220 per hour plus GST. You can find the fee schedule here.


what if I can’t afford the fees?


Cultivate strives to reduce barriers to accessing mental health services including financial barriers. For this reason, we operate on a pay what you can basis. We simply ask people to tell us what they feel they can comfortably afford. This includes the option of paying nothing.


are your services covered by insurance?


The short answer is, check with your insurance provider to be sure. Most extended health benefits cover services by Registered Psychologists and Registered Provisional Psychologists to a varying degree. Some insurance plans will also cover Canadian Certified Counsellors. When speaking with your insurance provider regarding your coverage, you may wish to ask some of the following questions:

  • What is my annual maximum?

  • Is that separated into per-session maximums? (Example: $500/year, maximum of $100/session)

  • What are the licensing requirements for coverage? (Example: Registered Psychologist, Registered Provisional Psychologist,  Certified Canadian Counsellor, etc.)


Cultivate has some ability to direct bill insurance providers. If you would like to see if your plan supports direct billing please contact us directly and ask for a predetermination. We always provide PDF receipts via email for quick and easy reimbursement through your insurance plan and for tax purposes. 


is what I talk about in session confidential?


Yes. The content of your session is always confidential between you and your counsellor. Any time you begin counselling with someone at Cultivate you will be walked through the parameters of confidentiality and any potential limits.


Client records are kept for a minimum of 11 years and are stored securely regardless of whether they are physical or digital record.


what is the difference between all the titles and designations?


There are several different titles and designations given to mental health professionals and it can be hard to know what each one means. The Cultivate team includes a variety of professionals with a variety of licenses. Licenses and designations are based on education and other credentials. If you would like to know more about a particular team member's license or qualifications please reach out to them directly or to the office and we will be happy to answer your questions.


All team members at Cultivate have clear criminal background checks and youth intervention checks and hold professional liability insurance. Cultivate encourages all their team members to regularly participate in continuing education to ensure that they are at the cutting edge of knowledge and skills for their field.


why go to counselling?


There are a variety of reasons to see a counsellor. Perhaps you are facing a difficult time at work or in your relationship. Perhaps you are going through a time of transition in your life and would like some support. Many people see a counsellor as a form of personal growth, to learn new skills and stretch themselves. Others prefer to address specific issues as they come up. A counsellor is uniquely equipped to help you problem-solve and move forward from wherever you find yourself.


how many sessions will I need?


It is difficult to predict how many sessions you may need in order to reach your goals or resolve your issues. The number of sessions is dependent on the things you are addressing, the type of service you are accessing (assessment, counselling, educational consulting, etc.), and the methods that you use when working with your counsellor.


i’ve never been to counselling before, what can I expect?

Your first session with your counsellor begins with some basic paperwork to record your contact and demographic information and to review confidentiality, benefits, and risks of counselling. After that, you and your counsellor will discuss what you are there for and start to make a plan which will be carried out from there.


can I see a counsellor when I’m not in a crisis?


Yes! Seeing a counsellor when in crisis is good, but choosing to see a counsellor for check-ins, personal growth, assessment, and other non-urgent reasons is also an excellent option. Many people choose to use a counsellor for regular maintenance like you would take your car to help avoid potential crises in the future.


how can I book an appointment?


There are several ways you can book an appointment. If you aren't sure whom you would like to see, you can email or call us and ask for help or use our handy booking tool.  If you know whom you would like to see, you can click on the booking link under their profile.


how do I know who the right counsellor is for me?


If you are unsure of how to pick the right counsellor for you, you can start by looking at our clinician profiles to see if anyone clicks with you. Look at each person's special skills and areas of interest to see if any of them interest you or align with what you are looking to address. If you are still not sure whom you should see, try contacting our office for a recommendation.


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