collaborative approach


Not only does our team work in consultation with each other to provide the most well-rounded care and knowledge possible, we have the ability to consult and work with members of your personal team including doctors and other medical professionals, clergy and faith workers, lawyers, insurance providers, schools, and workplaces to make sure that your care is consistent, coordinated, and connected.


focus on access, inclusivity, and flexibility


Cultivate wants to remove barriers to access mental health service and support as much as we can. For this reason, we work with clients to reduce or eliminate barriers such as finances, limited mobility, and restrictive schedules. We offer our services at our office, in clients' homes, workplaces, and online, and our team is available 7 days a week. We also offer services on a sliding fee scale for people who may not have insurance coverage or are limited by finances.

unique specialities


Members of our team work with general concerns of all kinds, but we are lucky to have several unique specialities represented. Joel Roos, Clinical Director, is a psychologist who works with children and adults with Autism Spectrum Disorder, as well as couples facing relationship difficulties including, but not limited to, sexual issues and dysfunction, and fertility issues. He also specifically works with the LGBTQ+ population regarding relationship and sexual issues.

Vanessa McConnell is a registered psychologist who has both passion and experience in utilizing EMDR with all ages for creative and evidence-based applications like anxiety reduction, improving self-esteem, performance management, as well as historical trauma with continued present day impact.

Dustin Hrycun, registered provisional psychologist, has a special interest in young adults facing life transition and existential issues. He works with expressive therapies such as Sand Tray therapy and art therapy to help clients process.


Garrison Bergen is a certified teacher who specializes in technology as a means to enhance education. He works with parents and educators alike to improve the learning experience for students and ensure their success.

We have several people on staff who offer psychoeducational assessments including assessments for Autism, ADHD, learning disabilities, giftedness, and more.


cultivate: to promote or develop growth through labour and attention.


Cultivate is a group of passionate like-minded clinicians who want to help you grow the life you desire. Nothing changes, nothing grows, nothing really happens without hard work. Stop toiling by yourself and start working with a team of professionals who know how to get you where you want to go.


Founded in 2014 with a dream of providing services in a collaborative and whole-person fashion, Cultivate is dedicated to meeting clients where they are without judgment. Whether you are needing help in the most general sense, or you have a specific need or problem that a licensed professional can aid you with, Cultivate prides themselves on their ability to say “yes”, and then help you find the steps forward.


We offer psychology, counselling, assessment, and educational services to help you with relationship issues, anxiety, depression, parenting, self-esteem, addiction, chronic pain, psychoeducational assessments, school success, and more. We have offices in Calgary, Alberta and Victoria, British Columbia.


You can rest assured that whomever you work with at Cultivate will take care to affirm your identity in any way that you present yourself. We are committed to standing behind, respecting, and engaging people in their identity of race, gender, religion or spirituality, nationality, creed, or sexual orientation. Say hello and let us become part of your story as you grow the life you want.

What makes us different?



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Administrative Team

jessy roos - executive director


Jessy’s background is in childcare and administration. She spent 7 years working as a professional nanny for some exceptional families and it helped her develop a passion for parent education, healthy family systems, and quality childcare environments. When she wasn’t working as a nanny, Jessy was putting her creativity and organizational skills to work as an administrator in health and non-profit organizations. Jessy drives the direction of Cultivate and provides the creative and administrative backbone of the company. She also consults on childcare placement and nanny services when needed.


Jessy is LGBTQ+ affirming and always willing to sit down over a coffee to discuss the exciting things that Cultivate is doing.

jillie storle - director of business development and administration


Jillie lives and works in Regina, Sk. When she isn't working, she loves to spend time with her husband Dylan, daughter Presley and dog Nixon. She also enjoys fashion and DIY's. At Cultivate, Jillie supports the Cultivate team with billing and bookkeeping, as well as business development and growth. Her passion is connecting wellbeing to business and community. 


Jillie is LGBTQ+ affirming and happy to talk with you about Cultivate.

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