Special Offerings

employee assistance program for small business


Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are an excellent addition to benefits packages that may lack full coverage for mental health support. An EAP contract provides employers with a number of sessions to be used for employees to access counselling services. Sessions are packaged according to the size of the company and need and there is no waitlist to access services. Employees can be matched with a counsellor that suits their needs and counselling can be provided on-site, at our office, or online to ensure access and flexibility.


An EAP is also an excellent option to provide mental health and education seminars for employee enrichment. Our team of staff love to put together workshops tailored to the topics you need to address.


Contact the office for more information and pricing on EAP services.

critical incident stress management for business


Critical Incident Stress Management is a service provided by trained mental health professionals and is used to intervene in corporate or organizational settings when there has been an accident, incident, or other stressful event. A CISM provider is often called in after a robbery, workplace injury or death, significant staff turnover, or other events that can leave employees stressed or traumatized. It often involves individual or group counselling, a group debrief, and some education on how to manage mental health moving forward. CISM services can be provided for all levels of employees, from executive leadership down to front-line staff.


Cultivate is committed to making CISM services available to non-profit and community organizations at an affordable cost.

Please contact the office for more information and pricing on CISM services.