This is not your parents' relationship advice.

Dive into communication, conflict management, and sex and intimacy issues with Joel and Jessy Roos. 12 years, (almost) three kids, one business, six moves, countless fights, and hundreds of hours teaching together have equipped them with lots of experience and wisdom to share. Learn the tricks to keeping your relationship running smoothly, because life is better when you and your partner are in sync. 

Joel is a Registered Psychologist who specializes in relationship and sexuality issues. He has been working with couples privately and in group settings for more than 7 years. Jessy is the Executive Director of Cultivate and has been teaching alongside Joel since the beginning. They promise to embarrass themselves with lots of stories of their big wins, big failures, and the moments where they just had to laugh, otherwise, they'd cry. 

#relationshipgoals is an honest, useful, and fun look at what makes a relationship strong and what tears it down. Learn to fight better and make love last while enjoying a delicious brunch. You’ll walk away full, happy, and equipped with some great tools to keep you and your partner working well as a team. You'll have so much fun you won't even know you're learning. This event is perfect for couples of all ages, stages, sexualities, and styles. Please note, while the event is being held in a church, there is no religious teaching or perspective involved.


$40 per person

*covered by most insurance plans