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Rose silently threw a wad of dollars on the table, still puffing on her pipe. Acrid smoke crept over the table and was in no hurry to dissolve under the pressure of a powerful, but not all-powerful exhaust. My reddened eyes nearly popped out of their sockets

“Ten thousand,” I announced, spreading out the banknotes with a ladder, and glanced at Leshka. He nodded, saying that everything was correct, although he was hardly capable of arithmetic calculations against the

backdrop of the rising breast of a gypsy in clouds of smoke.

Twenty chips of five hundred moved to Rosa. She always played only five hundred dollars, never raised or lowered the stakes. I suspected that she generally only perceives numbers with zeros - with two or more.

“Place your bets,” I announced the game and passed my palm over the table, inviting put the chips on the boxes.


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