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#relationshipgoals premarital and relationship counselling package


Couples who take the time to explore the strengths and weaknesses of their relationship prior to a major commitment are better able to address issues in a healthy way. Likewise, couples who attend to their relationship proactively are more likely to avoid catastrophic trouble. Cultivate believes in the importance of mental and emotional health, healthy communication, and working together as a team. 


Cultivate offers counselling for couples heading towards marriage, and couples who have been together for a while and are looking for a tune-up. Pre-marital counselling covers communication, conflict management, finances, sex, love, intimacy, family planning, future growth, and faith. All topics covered are tailored towards a couple’s unique situation and can be flexible as needed. A couple’s tune-up focuses on whatever issues are brought to the table by the couple. Our counsellors work from an evidence-based perspective with much of the research and material covered coming from The Gottman Institute; a world leader in relationships and relationship success. Download the full flyer here.


Package is $300 plus GST for three sessions.

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#parentingperfection counselling package


Parenting in the 21st Century is more complicated than ever. With information and judgment being thrown at you from every direction, it can be difficult to discern who and what to listen to. #parentingperfection is designed to help you identify the biggest areas of difficulty in your parenting relationship and strategy and work towards finding solutions. With the support of a counsellor, you learn new skills, gain valuable resources, and start moving towards a less stressful and more rewarding relationship with your child. Download the full flyer here.


Package is $300 plus GST for three sessions.

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#unstuck personal development counselling package


Many people can identify with a feeling of lacking purpose, definition or direction in their lives. Some people call it a feeling of existential angst, others simply call it feeling stuck. #unstuck is a three-session package designed to help you start defining who you are, what you are meant to be doing, and where you should go next. It helps you define the questions in your life and gives you tools to find the answers. Put yourself on a path to self-discovery and personal development. This package is excellent for anyone of any age, but can be particularly helpful to people in the midst of life transitions such as career changes, major moves, leaving university, or coming out of a long-term relationship. Download the full flyer here.


Package is $300 plus GST for three sessions.