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Technology has allowed us to close the gaps in access for clients who may not be able to come to a physical office or who have a limited choice in mental health professionals in their location. Online counselling is provided via secure video connection and can be used to address most of the same issues you would address in person. Online counselling is perfect for when you are travelling, if you live in a remote or limited service area, or if you simply prefer not to spend the extra time driving down to a physical office. Services are provided by mental health professionals and are therefore covered by most insurance providers who would otherwise cover physical counselling services. We are currently able to offer online services for residents of British Columbia and Alberta. 


Contact us for more information or to determine if online counselling is the right choice for you.


Online services are billed at the same rate as other counselling services.

online team


dustin hrycun, MA - registered provisional psychologist


Dustin has a graduate degree in Counselling Psychology. He has spent the greater part of the past decade working out of a local private university counselling the student body where he has gained a strong appreciation and passion for working with young adults.  He takes interest and specializes in depression, anxiety, life transition, struggles with belief system, existential and self-discovery, interpersonal conflict, and sexuality and gender issues.


His goal as a therapist is to meet his clients apart from the pretension and stigmas that the psychological world can convey, as well as the norms of society in general, to find an honest and real way of connecting. One of the ways that he does this is by including creative approaches such as art and Sandplay therapy alongside more traditional methods.


Dustin is LGBTQ+ affirming and is NOT currently accepting new clients.


jennalise janowsky, MA - registered clinical counsellor


Jennalise is a Registered Clinical Counsellor, living in Victoria, BC. Specializing in trauma work, Jennalise has a strong background working with individuals, youth and families. She provides an integrative therapeutic approach that addresses body and mind with the goal of fostering growth, support, and resilience in clients’ lives.  


Additionally, Jennalise brings experience working with relief and humanitarian aid and is passionate about international social justice. The intention of Jennalise’s work is to build and contribute to a community centred on holistic health, advocacy, addressing poverty, and collaboration between mental health and the arts. Jennalise is LGBTQ friendly and currently accepting new clients.


Jennalise is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients.

joel roos, MA - registered psychologist/clinical director


Joel’s background in mental health comes from his work in community, educational, and public healthcare settings. He studied and trained under a number of world-renowned clinicians including Dr. Michael YapkoDr. John Gottman, and Dr. Scott Miller. His services include counselling, clinical consultation and supervision, and some formal psychological assessments. His areas of special interest include: couples counselling, family counselling, chronic pain management, chronic disease and condition management, sleep dysfunction, behavioural health, anxiety, stress management, and family/fertility/birth planning concerns.


Joel is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients.


elena groen, MC - counsellor

Elena is a graduate of the Master of Counselling program from the University of Calgary. Over the past number of years, she has gained experience working with diverse individuals including children and adults with developmental disabilities, young adults, individuals in crisis, and people experiencing systemic oppression. Elena’s specializations and interest are in anxiety, depression, life transitions, relationships and interpersonal problems, grief and loss, and general mental health concerns.  


In her work with individuals and families, Elena seeks to form a collaborative partnership with clients. Elena works from a stance of empathy and non-judgement in seeking to meet the client where they are at. She takes an integrative approach to counselling and draws from Narrative Therapy, Family Systems Therapy, Experiential therapy including art and drawing, and Cognitive Behavioural Therapy.


Elena is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients. 

kelsey fiss, MA - counsellor


Kelsey has a graduate degree in counselling. Her areas of interest and specialization include depression, anxiety, strengths coaching, couples and marital counselling, post-partum issues and adjustment, parenting concerns, grief, loss, and spiritual issues and concerns. She is available to work with large groups and organizations to facilitate mental health discussions, training and materials.


Kelsey works from an integrative approach and works primarily from attachment-based, emotion-focused, and neurobiological frameworks, making use of mindfulness practices, and art and play therapy techniques. Kelsey is passionate about working with clients to face the challenges that are holding them back from leading the life they desire.


Kelsey is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients.


susan shores, MSW, RSW - registered social worker


Susan has a long and diverse history working in the mental health field. She has worked in both British Columbia and Alberta; on provincial mental health teams in community and hospital, and for not-for-profit organizations. Her practice is tailored to the unique individual and informed by a variety of modalities including Narrative, Systems, Solution Focused, CBT, ACT, Mindfulness and EMDR trauma processing. 

Susan draws from a depth of life and professional experience to help clients embrace the vulnerability and the courage to create new meaning, healing, and acceptance. Susan recognizes the importance of agency, competency and contentment as we manage change, loss and transitions in our lives. Susan works to create a safe space for compassion, collaboration and curiosity; often infusing metaphor and humour in her work to build connection and understanding. 

Susan has a fierce spirit and gentle presence that is deeply grounded in social justice and anti-oppressive practices. She believes strongly in the value of each individual; embracing and affirming their unique beliefs, heritage, and identity. Susan offers traditional therapeutic sessions as well as advocacy, medical collaboration, and life coaching so whether you are looking for a trail guide or a deeper off-road exploration, she would be honoured to walk beside you. 


Susan is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients.