virtual reality therapy


While Virtual Reality Therapy (VRT) has been around in research settings and some large hospitals for up to 20 years, it is not yet widely available in private settings. Cultivate is the first private practice in Canada to offer VRT. Technology has made major advancements since the inception of VRT and it has broad applications today.


Virtual Reality Therapy can be used to treat mental disorders such as anxiety, depression, PTSD (Post Traumatic Stress Disorder), and phobias. It can also be used to enhance learning for students and treat learning disorders. VRT can be used in conjunction with other non-technology based therapies or as a stand-alone treatment. Talk to your counsellor about your desire to use virtual reality as part of your therapy process and they can come up with a treatment plan to involve it. Becuase Virtual Reality Therapy is used in a therapeutic setting by a licensed clinician, it is covered by insurance that would otherwise cover that therapist.

Virtual Reality Therapy is charged at the same rate as other counselling services.



Our psychologists and counsellors can help you create positive change and growth in your life. Whether you are looking for help in your relationship, your professional life, your struggle with anxiety, depression, ADHD, or anything else, our clinicians have a wide variety of skills and expertise to assist you in achieving your goals. Counselling services are provided at the Psychologists’ Association of Alberta (PAA) recommended rate of $200/hour. Sliding scale services may be available upon request. Many of our counselling services can be reimbursed through extended health benefits.



If a doctor asked you for a mental health assessment, where would you turn? If a school wanted psychological testing done, whom would you talk to? Psychologists use special tests in psychological assessment to help their clients. At Cultivate, we have psychologists, counsellors, educational consultants, and other health and para-health associates that do just that.

Common psychological assessments:


  • mental health screening and assessment (for distinguishing between mental health symptoms and signs, and the corresponding reports and diagnostic findings)

  • psychoeducational assessment (for children, youth, and adult students consulting with formal educational environments)

  • behavioural health assessment (for screening for behavioural health factors impacting physical and mental health)

psychological assessment


Psychological assessment is used to determine everything from Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) to giftedness, ADHD, to depression and anxiety. A formal psychological assessment involves an initial meeting to discuss concerns, one or more tests or observations administered by a psychologist, and a report that includes whether a diagnosis was confirmed, or whether more testing is needed. Reports also include recommendations for treatment and/or accommodations. People use formal assessments for a variety of reasons, including to give a label and reasoning for struggles they may be encountering, to access treatment or accommodations at work or school, or to prove a need for funding through programs such as FSCD (Family Support for Children with Disabilities).


Traditionally, assessments are priced in a package model, but that can mean a lack of flexibility for financial concerns or timelines. Cultivate is committed to building and pricing an assessment package on a per-person basis to ensure that no time or money is wasted and no unnecessary testing is done. We work with clients to determine what information already exists in order to get the most complete picture of what testing and observation needs to be completed prior to starting an assessment. All reports are provided to the client and become theirs to use as they see fit.


Please contact the office for more detailed pricing for assessments.

educational services


Our educational consultant handles everything from adults returning to school and 21st century strategies to help your child succeed in their classroom, to educating educators on a variety of topics such as live action role play to increase pro-social behaviours and the value of gamification in learning environments. We also provide tutoring services for kids who need a bit of extra help or study skills coaching.

expressive therapies


Expressive therapies encompass therapeutic models that encourage clients to explore their issues through arts, music, and play. We currently offer art therapy and Sand Tray therapy as expressive models of treatment and exploration. Art therapy can involve painting, drawing, modelling, and other mediums, while Sand Tray therapy involves using models and toys in a sandbox to discover narratives in your life and explore your stories.


Expressive therapies are good for anyone, no matter how creative they feel they are. They can be used on their own or as a larger part of a treatment plan. 

Expressive therapies are charged at the same rate as other counselling services..

clinical hypnosis


Unlike what you may see on television or in a stage show, clinical hypnosis is a real and effective tool that has been used in medical and psychological settings for more than 100 years. It can be used to treat pain, including pain in birth, anxiety, depression, stress, and trauma. Clinical hypnosis can also be used for establishing or breaking habits. Joel Roos, our Clinical Director has extensive training in clinical hypnosis and is a member of the American Society for Clinical Hypnosis (ASCH). Joel has a special interest in using his hypnosis skills to assist women in preparing for pain management during labour and birth, helping those with chronic disease, and those dealing with trauma and PTSD.


Clinical hypnosis is charged at the same rate as other counselling services.

public education


We love to educate! Cultivate provides public education and lectures on a wide variety of topics including introductions to mental health, anxiety and depression, parenting, behavioural health management, and spirituality and mental health. We also provide basic training and lunch and learn opportunities for community organizations and churches to ensure that they are approaching mental health in their communities appropriately and that their volunteers know how to respond to and their legal responsibilities regarding potential disclosures of harmful behaviour. We also love to develop curriculum and seminars on any health, mental health, and education related topics. From gamification of learning and creative classroom management skills to handling holiday stress, we can come up with a lecture that is right for you.

employee assistance program for small business


Employee assistance programs (EAPs) are an excellent addition to benefits packages that may lack full coverage for mental health support. An EAP contract provides employers with a number of sessions to be used for employees to access counselling services. Sessions are packaged according to the size of the company and need and there is no waitlist to access services. Employees can be matched with a counsellor that suits their needs and counselling can be provided on-site, at our office, or online to ensure access and flexibility.


An EAP is also an excellent option to provide mental health and education seminars for employee enrichment. Our team of staff love to put together workshops tailored to the topics you need to address.


Contact the office for more information and pricing on EAP services.

professional training


Cultivate is invested in providing interesting, varied, and world-class professional education opportunities. Our training and professional education seminars are well-organized, comfortable and taught by extremely qualified individuals on topics such as EMDR and Trauma, Play Therapy, Sexual Psychology, and more. Check out our Events page to view any upcoming training opportunities.   Rates for our professional education vary depending on the type of event being offered. We strive to offer educational opportunities that can be used towards annual continuing education requirements for a variety of professional associations.

group psychology and workshops


We often have exciting and interesting groups being run by our talented clinicians. Anxiety and Depression support groups, children’s behavioural groups, ADHD management groups, and relaxation groups that combine psychological techniques and yoga therapy are just some of the opportunities we’ve offered in the past. Check out our events tab for upcoming groups. Rates for group psychology services vary based on the type of program being offered. Sliding scale requests will be considered on an individual basis. Many of our groups can be reimbursed through extended health benefits.

critical incident stress management for business


Critical Incident Stress Management is a service provided by trained mental health professionals and is used to intervene in corporate or organizational settings when there has been an accident, incident, or other stressful event. A CISM provider is often called in after a robbery, workplace injury or death, significant staff turnover, or other events that can leave employees stressed or traumatized. It often involves individual or group counselling, a group debrief, and some education on how to manage mental health moving forward. CISM services can be provided for all levels of employees, from executive leadership down to front-line staff.


Cultivate is committed to making CISM services available to non-profit and community organizations at an affordable cost.

Please contact the office for more information and pricing on CISM services.


kelly raymond, MSc, CCLS - certified child life specialist


Kelly as a graduate degree (MSc) in Child Life and Pediatric Psychosocial Care and is a Certified Child Life Specialist (CCLS). Kelly has been working in hospitals in both Alberta and BC for more than 9 years. CCLS's are trained healthcare professionals who support children and youth’s psychosocial needs by providing developmentally appropriate interventions to increase comfort and familiarity with medical procedures and reduce their healthcare-related fears and anxieties. This increases the chances of a child being compliant with the medical procedures and healthcare team, and often reduces the need for procedural restraint or the use of sedatives, making the experience more comfortable for everyone involved but especially the child.

Kelly also works with the Calgary and Area Child Advocacy Centre (formerly the Sheldon Kennedy Centre) and Wellspring Calgary supporting children within the justice and health systems.

Kelly has a special focus on needle fear in children and works with families to reduce anxiety while attending lab services appointments. She works with individual clients and also occasionally offers group learning to equip families with tools to help support children experiencing needle fear.


Kelly is LGBTQ+ affirming and is currently accepting new clients.

clinical supervision for mental health professionals and practicum students


Joel Roos, Clinical Director, has been supervising graduate and post-graduate students in mental health-related fields of study since 2012. He has worked as a clinical supervisor in community, public health, and private practice settings and often consults with established clinics, rehab programs, and other related practices for supervisory needs. His areas of expertise include Autism Spectrum Disorder, behavioural health, chronic disease and pain management, marriage and family, and experiential therapies targeting the mind-body connection. Types of supervision and rates are targeted specifically to the professional or student and can be offered locally in Calgary, online, or via travel to your site.



Please contact the office for more information and pricing on clinical supervision services.