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Monday, May 27 - 7pm

Recreational and Medical Cannabis

What are the uses and benefits of cannabis aside from fun? What are the possible implications for mental health? Learn about THC, CBD, terpenes and how to find what you're looking for in a strain. Join Joel Roos, Clinical Director of Cultivate as he discusses cannabis use for recreational and medicinal purposes, current research, and applications for chronic pain and mental health issues.

Saturday, June 8 - 10am

Recreation Cannabis and Youth

What does the research say about the effects of cannabis on a young brain? How do you talk to your kids and help them work through the information and make good choices? This session is great for parents, teachers, and anyone working closely with youth. You will gain knowledge regarding cannabis, and tools to help you have productive and healthy conversations around cannabis use.


Saturday, June 8 - 10am

Social Media Madness

Are you having trouble regulating your phone use and social media time? Do you want to set limits but fall back into old habits quickly, feeling like a scrolling zombie or addict? You are not alone! More and more adults are realizing that social media may be useful and fun, but it's also causing problems such as anxiety, and relationship, work, and sleep issues. Learn why social media is so addicting and how you can work towards healtheir use and more balance.

Thursday, July 18 - 7pm

Parenting the Social Media Generation


Saturday, June 8 - 10am to 12:30pm

Recreation Cannabis: 

Monday, July 29 - 7pm

Chronic Disease and Pain: 


Tuesday, September 24 - 7pm

Childhood Mental Health: